Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Evening With Slenderman...

Into paranormal erotica? Perhaps "monster sex" suits your fancy. If so, check out "An Evening With Slenderman"

Janice is suffering through a company awards banquet, when she ducks out, wanting nothing more than a hot bath and a bed. 

As she steps outside, the eerie quiet in the air provides an omen. When she steps foot into the parking garage and sees that it’s only lit by a flickering light, her heart speeds up. That fear comes to a head when she’s cornered by two men, who demand her purse. 

Janice is frozen in fear, and it’s almost all over, until a man about 12-feet tall, and with a cold, emotionless white mask covering his face intervenes. He wipes the men out and turns to Janice, who is still frozen. 

Slenderman is so cold… So mysterious… Yet, when he steps toward Janice, she can’t help but feel that all is right with the world. After he rescues her, he ravages her as his proxy of love, and turns her boring night into one she’ll never forget. 


I stared back into his mask, suddenly drawn to him. My calm turned to intrigue, and I wanted to know everything about him. 
“W-w-who are you?” I asked . 
“What are you?” 

My chest tightened, and as if he was answering my question, I felt a sense of emotion that let me know he desired me in every way possible. And in this moment, I desired him, as if he was a giant being that was filled with pheromones… Everything about him was suddenly sexy. His long arms, the deep, dark mysterious edge he walked around with. 

His mystery was intoxicating, and my body yearned for him. In this moment, I wanted him to touch me, to explore my body, answering those mysteries that made him so powerful. This was the man that rescued me and saved my life, and on a carnal level, I wanted to thank him.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New BBW Lactation Billionaire Erotica that Will Make You Touch Yourself...

Helping My Wife Get Her Groove Back Now Available for Kindle, Nook and All Romance Ebooks

Melissa is in for a tasty, wet treat when a billionaire makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Robert invites Melissa over for a little quality time with his wife, and in exchange, he promises the shopping trip of her dreams. The idea is to make his wife, Janet, feel good about herself after having a baby. 

When Melissa takes him up on the offer, she soon finds herself wearing a collar and drinking Janet's milk from a glass. Throughout the course of the night, Robert and Janet will cover Melissa with milk, filling her holes and her mouth and using her as their personal sex toy in this erotic thriller. 

WARNING! Prepare to be turned on, as this story features depictions of oral sex, face fucking, face sitting, lactation, facials, adult nursing, dominance and submission and hardcore sex.


Janet giggled and hopped her naked ass off of the bed. Melissa was confused, but licked her lips with her head still upside down, impressed at Robert’s well hung, thick dick, which hovered inches from her lips. 

Nooo. Give me some more of your dick. Let me taste it. It tastes so good, Melissa thought to herself. Those thoughts worked her up into a frenzy, to the point that she was about to begin fingering her pussy, but caught herself and stopped. 

Robert looked down at Melissa and snapped her back to reality when he looked her in her eyes. 

“Get on your knees. We have a treat for you,” Robert said, stroking his cock gently.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turned by a Wolf (A Werewolf Erotic Romance) available now on Amazon!

What do werewolves, shape shifters and horny camp counselors have in common? Find out when you read this down and dirty offering in the paranormal erotica genre. It's available now for Kindle, and called "Turned by a Wolf (A Werewolf Erotic Romance).

Not your everyday werewolf erotica...

Tina works at a campground and decides on one fortuitous night to go for a skinny dip in the lake. Little did she know that she was being watched. 

Only, the eyes that watched her were a dark yellow that she hadn't seen before. When she returned from her rejuvenating and titillating swim, she's met by a dark and handsome stranger who is seems to have a carnal desire that she's never experienced with any mere mortal...

What follows is sweet tasting, touching and thrusting up against a nearby rock that hurts so good and pleases every inch of her body. 


As she lifted her head and looked into Lance’s eyes, she froze in her tracks. 

His eyes were the same golden yellow shade of the furry creature she was almost killed by. He opened his mouth to reveal sharp edged teeth that she had never seen on a human being before. 

Before Tina could let out a yelp, Lance sunk those dagger sharp teeth dead into her neck, causing her to squeal in submissive delight. 

He was a man possessed. 

Lance sucked at her neck like a vacuum, sending tremors of both fear and delight down Tina’s spine, as she wondered how vicious he would be with her. His mouth explored the nape of her neck and bit unforgivably into her shoulder blade, before allowing his hot, wet tongue to find its way to the undercarriage of her hefty left breast.

As if working his way to the sweet spot, Lance sucked hard at the flesh closest to her underarm, causing Tina to lean her head back in ecstasy. He sucked her breast in its under region all the way to the epicenter, taking great detail to bring her quarter-inch nipples to life with flicks, sucks and circles of the tongue. 

He reached a now noticeably very hairy hand to grab Tina by the neck as if he was choking her, but gentle enough to allow oxygen to pass, as he glided his tongue down the center of her chest, all the way down toe the region of no return, just beneath her belly button. 

Her womanly valley begged for sweet relief, and that sense was heightened as Lance let out a deep growl when face to face with her, as if he was about to punish it for something she did.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. We don’t even know each other,” Tina said.

“Believe it,” Lance said, before aggressively turning Tina over on her stomach, the ridges of the rock scratching her, and the coldness of the rock making her nipples hard enough to cut diamonds. 

She lay there on the ice cold rock, her naked body, covered in mud, sprawled out with her bottom in the air, at the mercy of this ravenous stranger that was determined to have her.

Turned by a Wolf by Marlo Peterson

The Head Groupie (A Dominant/Submissive Romance) Available Now!

Got a new one out on the Amazon market. If you're into reading about dominance and submission, good head from an oral sex queen, BDSM and bathroom humiliation, check out "The Head Groupie" (A Dominant/Submissive Romance).

Kara needs attention and her husband won't give it to her. 

That's too bad for him, because when he leaves her alone at a concert from her favorite band, she is called onstage and serenaded. After the final number, the band invites her backstage, for what she thinks will be an autograph session. 

What ends up taking place is an opportunity for Kara to sing into all of their microphones, as she shows why she's the best groupie that they have ever come across. 

WARNING, this 4,000-word erotic story is HOT! It features graphic depictions of oral, self touching, flashing, public nudity, group sex and lots and lots of dirty talk. Do not read unless you are in the mood to be turned on beyond belief!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

White Girl Spanked Part Two is Out!

Thanks to the high demand for a sequel, Tiffany is on yet another adventure filled with spanking, sucking, fucking and erotica fantasy.

Fresh off of last night's venture to the wild side, another adventure presents itself. Last night, Tiffany went next door at the request of her unaffectionate husband to tell the neighbors to quiet down. When she went over to speak with them, she left with a vigorous pounding and her bottom spanked, as she fulfilled her wildest dream of being gangbanged by three black guys.

Her thirst for passion continues in this story. While reminiscing on the outdoor gangbang in yoga class, her instructor notices that Tiffany is distracted. His flirting leads to more, as she's once again, stripped down to her birthday suit, spanked like a naughty girl and given an enjoyable pounding until her knees go weak.

Tiffany's kink is every girl's delight and fantasy!

WARNING. This story is incredibly hot, and features scenes of cuckolding, plenty of thorough sucking and licking and lots of hot passion.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Good Taste

My new work, "Good Taste" is now available for Kindle. Check it out!

Candice, a college student who works for Leo, a rich, self-made man is stuck between a rock and a hard place when he comes home from work early and wants her body in every way imaginable. Though they've been carrying out their fling under the nose of Leo's wife, Karen, she is expected to be home at any minute. However, Candice thirsts for Leo just as badly as he wants her, so they throw caution to the wind and have a romp around seemingly every room of the house, knowing that they are playing with fire. Either they will pull off the hottest fantasy ever or their fantasy will come crashing down when Karen comes home and catches them in the act. Either way, it'll be hot getting there!

WARNING: This story is too hot to handle! It features intense scenes of pleasure, including oral, bondage, spanking and too many positions to name. This page turner will allow you to drift away into your own erotic fantasy with every page.

Good Taste by Marlo Peterson

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sex in the Champagne Room is Now Available!

That's right, it's time to whip out your Kindles.

This story is free for 5 days, so jump on the promotion while it lasts. You can download it to your computer, Kindle device or app by following this link.

You guys are going to love it, and good news... A sequel is in the works and will be out VERY soon.

With this 6,000+ word story, you'll get voyeurism, masturbation, 69, dirty talk and more. I'm getting stellar feedback already, guys, so thanks for the support! This is ebony erotica at its finest.

As a thank you to my readers, I'm releasing yet ANOTHER story tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that one also.